Nissan ESFLOW Electric Sports Car

Nissan are currently the market leader in production and sales of electric cars and the company is using this position to it’s advantage in creating the ESFLOW electric sports car. Taking their Leaf as inspiration, the new ESFLOW has rear wheel drive with two electric motors in each wheel that can power the car up to 100 KPH in under 5 seconds and are good for up to 240 kilometers of green travel.

According to Nissan, the ESFLOW has been built from the ground up as an electric sports car and isn’t based off a current platform. This ultimately means that the entire car and project has been focused on being an electric platform not an ICE (internal combustion engine) platform. This philosophy is evident is the lightweight aluminium chassis, a wraparound windscreen and high waistline for safety are unique to this vehicle and give off a futuristic vibe. Nissan say that they’ve been working hard to get the battery as low as possible to create excellent centre-of-gravity which makes for better handling.

The interior continues the contemporary theme with seats that are moulded into the design of the car to save weight with electronically adjusted peddles and steering wheel. Leather and suede compliment the bright LCD displays that give the driver all the information they need.

The ESFLOW is just a concept but take confidence in that Nissan have already created one electric car and with people looking to get into new forms of transport this just might become a reality.


  1. Matthew Bacon says:

    This looks great. I wish I could get one.

  2. Matthew Bacon says:

    I love the look of the new Nissan. You know you are getting a great quality vehicle. Would I own one? Yes if I could afford one, maybe I would. I am also a big fan of the Insignia by Vauxhall, although not in the same design style as the Nissan ESFLOW. Again cost is an issue but thanks to Insignia leasing I could get into a brand new one from low monthly payments which is great.

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