Jaguar XF Sportbrake for 2012

Just when you thought the award winning Jaguar XF couldn’t get any better the boys from Birmingham have gone and created this. Calling it the ‘Sportbrake‘, which is a fancy way of saying estate, this is our first look at the car ahead of it’s official unveiling later this week at the Geneva Motor Show. Jaguar are saying that despite its 1,675 litre boot the Sportbrake will handle just as well as it’s saloon brother. Styling wise the new car still looks as good as it ever did with additions such as LED rear brake and boot lights. From the side it’s unmistakably a Jaguar with the vents and high door sills adding to a beefy, sporty looks.

The British company has even added some new useful features like a soft close boot lid, hidden compartments and air suspension for a smooth ride. Available ‘third quarter of 2012′ in the UK for an undisclosed price.

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