PayPal Here Payment Device

With the rise of smartphones has given way to a rise in the demand for on the move payment systems and PayPal have risen to the challenge. They collaborated with San Francisco based Fuseproject in order to design a device that would be eye-catching and convenient to the end user as well as the client. The end result is the ‘Here‘ which simply plugs into an iPhone or Android handset with the user swiping his or her credit or debit card across the device to activate a payment and a sound confirms that the payment has been made. Payment is made wirelessly and PayPal take a 2.7% cut although the device and app are free of charge for the user and client. Fuseproject chose the arrow because of it’s historical reference to an activity taking place ‘here and now’ as well as it’s positive imagery. Paypal are looking to launch ‘Here’ in the USA, Canada, Australia and Hong Kong in the near future.

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