BMW M6 Gran Coupe for 2013

BMW’s M6 has for it’s three decade life been an exclusive two door coupe but for 2013 the Company has extended the vehicle to four doors. The new sports car will still have the aggressive power and performance that we’re used to seeing but with the added convenience of 4 doors.

Performance comes from a high revving V8 engine producing 560 hp and a 0-62 MPH time of just 4,2 seconds, enough to give most supercars a run for their money. Despite all the power, the M6 Gran Coupe still manages to run at an average of 28.5 MPG.

BMW have made sure that the new doors don’t ruin the design with the flowing body line that makes you forget the new entrances presence. Unique front grills and high power LED front headlamps add to the sculptured hood and low profile to create a distinctive shape.

 No word on production or delivery dates yet so check BMW’s website or at your local dealership for information.

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