Iomega Mac Companion Hard Drive

With today’s media and content rich work and play computers, having enough hard drive space is extremely important. That’s where this new external hard drive from Imomega which contains 2 terabytes of storage into a single unit that compliments the design of the iMac or any other Apple computer. Continue Reading

G-Raid 6TB External Hard Drive

Designed for those who are heavy Mac users and creatives needing a large amount of hard drive space, this is the G-Raid by Hitachi. It holds a massive 6TB (terabytes) of data in two separate hard drives incased in an all aluminium shell which is designed to mimic the Mac Pro. Continue Reading

Sony Projector Camcorder

Camcorders have been having a rough few years in the marketplace thanks to the introduction of higher quality cameras on smart phones with greater flexibility. Sony is combating this with the introduction of a camcorder with a small projector attached to the front with the ability to blow up a film to 60 inches. Continue Reading

Touch Screen Hard Drive by Daniel Arango

The average hard drive is hardly ever seen let alone touched with most of them being sensitive to human fingers. Designer Daniel Arango has flipped this status quo on its head by created the Touch Screen Hard Drive concept Continue Reading