Eastpak ‘Killington’ Backpack

Eastpak return for Winter 2011 with this beefy backpack which they’re calling the ‘Killington.’ The burgundy coloured piece is made in the USA and features three main storage areas along with two side pockets all with leather tabbed zips for durability. Continue Reading

Eastpak Padded Pack’r Backpack

If there’s a name in the world that’s instantly recognisable with backpacks and adventure it’s Eastpak. Perfect for the up-coming harsh weather, this ‘Pack’r‘ backpack is made of a soft canvas upper combined with a faux leather bottom for durability. Continue Reading

iPad Envelope

The iPad has a design that goes with almost any case but there has been a rise in the number of retro envelope styles as of recently. This is one of the better examples to be found coming in 100% brown padded leather with sailcloth cotton insides so your beloved device doesn’t get a single scratch on it. Continue Reading