Volkswagen XL1 for 2013

Many concept cars remain in their concept form despite a lot of talk from the Company’s PR departments but VW has taken a different route with it’s super fuel efficient concept car the XL1. First revealed over 10 years ago in 2002, the XL1 is an advanced and lean car to be put into production later this year. Continue Reading

BMW i8 Spyder Concept

BMW‘s ‘i’ series just got one car bigger with the introduction of the i8 Spyder concept car. Based off the i8 concept car that was previewed last year, the Spyder variant has no roof and shares the same plug in hybrid power system. This means the car can be charged in under 2 hours from a regular house hold outlet and can then be charged using a 3 cylinder petrol engine.Continue Reading

Cadillac ELR

American luxury car manufacturer Cadillac first showed off it’s electric concept called the Converj in 2009 but now they are pushing ahead with production, this time calling it the ELR. Using a plug-in-hybrid system it is primarily electric for the most journeys until the battery gets low Continue Reading