Patta Hooded Sweatshirts for Summer 2013


Dutch streetwear store Patta has released a new run of hooded sweatshirts as part of its wider Summer 2013 collection. The new hoodies take on the companies usual bold but simple styling with either a script Continue Reading

Acapulco Gold ‘Tiger’ Pullover for Spring 2012

Acapulco Gold might release only a few items a year but those items are worth checking out if you’re interested in high quality garments. One of those items for Spring 2012 is this pull over, made in Canada from 100% cotton Continue Reading

ONLY NY ‘Runners’ Pull Over Hoody

ONLY NY‘s logo seems to be popping up everywhere recently and the brand is taking full advantage of this. The New York City based brand splashes their logo across Continue Reading

Undefeated x Rocky Capsule Collection

Street wear brand Undefeated were clearly inspired after watching a few of the classic boxing films that they’ve decided to collaborate with the Rocky franchise. The capsule collection includes pull over, zip-up hoodies, Continue Reading

Supreme ‘Uptown’ Pullover Hoodie

Supreme are steadily bringing out their full Fall range and one of the latest releases is this ‘Uptown‘ pullover hoodie. Made of a heavyweight, high quality cotton the hoodie features a printed character front and centre Continue Reading