BOOKMAN Bike Light


For those that find regular safety lighting on bicycles to be vulgar then Sweden’s BOOKMAN has the solution. If you didn’t know better, you would mistake the tiny blocks for anything other than a bright LED lighting system for the front Continue Reading

KLIPPAN Chess Blanket

The Swedes are known for excellent furniture design but family run KLIPPAN also happens to be good at making blankets too. Introducing the Chess blanket, made from 100% lambs wool for that extra warmth. Continue Reading

P.A.P Leather iPhone Case

P.A.P is a Swedish company that hand makes their products with meticulous detailing and one of their latest products is this leather iPhone case. Made out of Swedish and Italian leatherContinue Reading

Grand Sofa by Monica Förster

Monica Förster, a Swedish designer, has created this great looking “Grand Sofa.” The central theme for the project was freedom and so the designer set about looking for ways to convey this in a sofa.

Continue Reading