Saddleback Leather Gadget Pouches

There’s nothing quite like a leather pouch and few make better leather products than Saddleback Leather. The Texas, USA based firm has been creating cow hide products for years now and this time they have created a few pouches for our favourite gizmos. Continue Reading

Motorola Xoom Review

Finally! Some real competition for Apple’s iPad has arrived in the form of Motorola’s Xoom. It’s feature list is long enough to give the iPad chills including a 5 megapixel camera, a brand new operating system going by the name of honeycomb and add-ons that you would normally pay extra for. Motorola have really come through with this new tablet so hit the jump for the full review.Continue Reading

Motorola Xoom

Motorola are preparing to release this new tablet Xoom which is set to compete with Apple‘s mighty iPad 2. There’s a few differences between the Apple device and the Xoom, firstly this is running the latest version Google’s Android operating system but with an eye for tablets which is a leap from the current units Continue Reading